Thursday, May 29, 2008

Helping the FBI With Its Criminal Investigation of SSH

Many of our clients have received a letter and a questionnaire from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The letter is from Maureen Seitz, Victim Specialist at the Las Vegas Branch of the FBI and references the FBI's Case Number 318E-LV040690. The letter states in pertinent part, "Your name was referred to the FBI's Victim Assistance Progaram as being a possible victim of a federal crime. We appreciate your assistance and cooperation while we are investigating this case. . . . The case is currently under investigation. This can be a lengthy process and we request your continued patience while we conduct a thorough investigation. Enclosed is a questionnaire concerning your association with Silver State Helicopters. Please fully answer the questions, however if you cannot or choose not to answer specific questions, please leave them blank. Thank you for your assistance and participation"

I called the FBI to make sure that this letter is authentic and spoke with Maureen Seitz. The letter is authentic and the FBI criminal investigation of SSH is real and ongoing. Maureen told me that the FBI will be continuing to contact former SSH students, including my clients. I reccomend that you cooperate 100% with the FBI criminal investigation of SSH. Criminal prosecution of the individuals and companies responsible for the SSH scam may be of great help to our clients and to all others in a similar situation. As stated in the FBI's letter, one of your rights as a crime victim is "the right to full and timely restitution as provided in law." Criminal sentencing of SSH Defendants may include an order that restitution be made. We look forward to continuing to cooperate with the FBI, the Federal Trade Commission, The United States Department of Justice, The Attorney General's office in many of the different states involved, and all other law enforcement agencies actively investigating SSH.