Friday, May 09, 2008

Disputing Your AES Accounts Part 2

Several of our SSH clients asked for a further explanation as to how one of our SSH clients got Transunion to remove AES from his credit report. Here is the explanation, direct from our client: "It was actually really simple. I went to on a whim just to check my credit, and in the process I saw the “Dispute” option and decided to give it a try. I just followed the step by step process it provided for each of the credit bureaus and chose the option “fraudulent account” for each of the 3 AES accounts, certainly seemed to be the most reasonable option. I didn’t leave any additional comments or anything and it just said it would provide a response sometime in the following 30 days. Like I said, it was a simple process. However, TransUnion so far, has been the only bureau to delete the AES accounts, the other two have not even provided a response and it is over the 30 day limit, so I may be out of luck on those two.

Hope that helps,