Saturday, June 14, 2008

Proofs of Claim

The deadline to file a proof of claim in the Silver State Helicopters Bankruptcy Case is July 7, 2008. If you are one of our SSH clients, we handle this for you. We have already filed hundreds of proofs of claim for our clients, and we anticipate having all remaining proofs of claim for our clients filed by July 1, 2008. I have 2 employees working full time on this 5 days a week, with an additional 2 employees helping out. We already have all of the information that we need to file these claims for most of our SSH clients. If we need further information from any individual client, we will contact him or her by telephone and by e-mail. The most important piece of information that we need for each SSH client is the amount that he or she paid to attend SSH. This can be paid paid in cash, or by obtaining a loan, or in some combination. The typical SSH student years borrowed $69,900.00 to attend SSH, and obtained his loan from Key Bank (earlier students), Student Loan Xpress (most of the students), or Citibank (later students). Liberty Bank acted as an originator for some loans, and then sold the loans to Student Loan Xpress. AES is the loan servicing agent for Student Loan Xpress. It is helpful for us to know the name of the bank in preparing the proof of claim and to have a copy of the loan agreement and a recent statement from the lender. When the documents are available, we attach a copy of the loan agreement and the SSH Training Services Agreement to the Proof of Claim.