Friday, June 27, 2008

Citibank Deferment Request Letter

Many of our SSH clients with loans from Citibank have received a letter regarding a deferment request. The first paragraph of the letter states, "At this time we are in the process of updating our records to ensure that we have current enrollment information for our customers. We would appreciate it if you would assist us with this process. Please read this information in Section 1 and have your school's Registrar complete Section 2. Be sure to sign, date and return this request in the envelope provided. Failure to complete and return this form may result in your CitiAssist Loan being placed in immediate repayment." The letter only allows for a deferment if the borrower is currently enrolled in school. Any deferment request made pursuant to this letter requires a certification from an authorized schoold official. If you are not in school, you do not qualify for a deferment under the terms of this letter. Here is how I suggest that our Citibank clients respond to this letter. Write the following on the letter: " I was a student at Silver State Helicpoters. The school closed and filed bankruptcy on February February 4, 2008. I request that this loan be placed on a no interest, no payment status while the facts regarding this bankruptcy are reviewed. I am represented by attorney Michael Jay Berger with regards to both the Silver State Helicopters bankruptcy and my loan from Citibank. Please have your legal counsel call Mr. Berger at his office, 310-271-6223 to discuss my loan and the loans of Mr. Berger's other clients who borrowed money from Citibank to receive training from Silver State Helicopters."