Friday, November 04, 2011

No Money Down Chapter 13

Today I decided to become the first and only certified specialist bankruptcy lawyer in Los Angeles County to offer a no money down Chapter 13 plan for qualified wage earners. Up until today, I typically charged my Chapter 13 clients $2,000.00 down. Now, with my new no money down plan, any regular wage earner in need can afford to hire us to save his or her home, stop a wage garnishment, stop an eviction before trial, or stop a repossession. Our Clients still need to pay the Bankruptcy Court Chapter 13 filing fee of $281.00.

I typically charge $4,000.00 for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case for debtors who work for a company, and $4,500.00 for debtors who are self-employed, though complicated cases may involve additional fees. These fees will now all be paid through the Chapter 13 plan of reorganization at the expense of my clients' creditors.

My firm and I have an extraordinarily high success rate confirming Chapter 13 plans. This and my concern for the average person who is faced with losing his or home and simply does not have thousands of dollars to pay to his or her lawyer up front are the reasons that I have decided to start this new program. To my knowledge, I am the only attorney in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Ventura County and Santa Barbara County to offer this no money down Chapter 13 plan. To schedule a free consultation, call me or Sofya Davtyan at 310 271-6223. Sofya is the head of my Chapter 13 department. My 11 lawyer 7 paralegal firm now has 3 offices and is ready to serve you. For more information about me and my firm, see my website