Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Questions About The Class Action Settlement

All former students of Silver State Helicopters with questions about the proposed class action settlement with Student Loan Xpress are invited to e-mail their questions to settlementquestions@gmail.com. This is a special e-mail address set up by class action counsel for this purpose. In addition, in person meetings with former SSH students and class action counsel are being set up for January, 2010 for Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Melbourne, Oakland, Long Beach, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and Poughkeepsie. I will be answering questions and giving my opinions at the Long Beach, CA meeting.

All clients of mine with questions about the proposed settlement are invited to contact me directly. Many of you have all ready done so. Every class member will have a chance to opt out of the proposed settlement agreement. If you do not like the agreement and think that you can do better, you will NOT be forced to accept the proposed settlement. You should wait until you have received all relevant information before you make this decision.

For former SSH students that are not in the class, it is important for you to know that class counsel do NOT represent you. You will not be covered by the class action settlement. This applies also to all class members who reject the proposed settlement. You will want to have the best possible legal representation to help you in resolving your ongoing SSH problems. I represent many students in this category. I am still signing up a limited number of former SSH students, including students that left SSH prior to its bankruptcy filing, students that are currently in bankruptcy, students with Loans from KeyBank, and students that paid off their SLX loans.