Thursday, December 11, 2008

Going After Airola, Pickett and Trenk

James Lisowski, the Chapter 7 Trustee in the Silver State Helicopters bankruptcy case, has filed an Application for an Order Approving Employment of Fennemore Craig, PC as Special Litigation Counsel to the Trustee. The Trustee's Application states that he "requires representation for the following services: Special Litigation Counsel to assist the Trustee in investigating and analyzing objections to claims, potential claims, and causes of action by Debtors against Jerry M. Airola ("Airola"), Steven Pickett ("Pickett"), Steven L. Trenk ("Trenk"), their family members and any companies in which Airola, Picket or Trenk are officers, directors, members, partners, or shareholders, and to prosecute those objections to claims, potential claims and causes of action, including the initiation and conduct of discovery and the filing of claims objections, adversary proceedings and other litigation as appropriate." I support this action by the Trustee. The hearing on the Trustee's Application to Employ Special Litigation Counsel is set for December 17, 2008 at 2:30 pm.